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Argylecoin is a cash backed P2P cryptocurrency that allows money to be sent instantly, securely and at near zero cost. 

All Argylecoin is 100% backed by the AGL Exchange, a division of Emanu-EL Michael corp sole, The Royal Bank of Turtle Island, The Anishinabe Government of Turtle Island, and di-Sceriman Investment Bank.

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In regards to transaction efficiency, volatility is a major challenge facing the ever-expanding cryptocurrency market, Argylecoin is digital cash, and valued at 1:1 with the Swiss Franc (CHF).

maintains a consistent value inherently found with fiat currencies, and not exposed to market vulnerabilities associated with speculative coins or tokens in the digital asset class.

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Argyle Master token is speculative and its value is based on the growth of the Argyle network.  As the network grows, so will the AGL token.  Total supply for AGL is 100,000,000.

AGL will only be available for the token presale at a rate of 1:1 with the Swiss Franc (CHF).  The total supply for presale release is 5%.



The ISC index is well diversified with a basket of multiple fiat currencies including the Swiss Franc, Euro and US dollar, Argylecoin reserves always back the number of ISC coins created. 

These reserves will always meet or exceed the number of ISC coins in circulation.

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Transactions and POS services happen in real-time.  Users may exchange ISC and AGL, for multiple currency pairs inside the Argyle Network.  AGL PAY software integrates with iOS or Android to exchange ISC to any desired merchant currency in seconds.

Blockchain wallets, NFC cards and onboard exchange technology provides a seamless user experience between Argyle currency and a multitude of different traditional and cryptocurrency assets.

Blockchain Hands


Argylecoin is facilitated on its own blockchain, achieving consensus through DPOS and able to reach speeds of up to 5000 TPS.  

This achieves a high standard in efficiency between users, to facilitate trade and commerce inside the Argyle Network.



The AGL Exchange is an Indigenous nation to nation currency and commodity services platform for the Argyle Network managing up to 200 cryptocurrencies and 50 fiat currencies.

The ISC and AGL are exclusive currencies for the AGL Exchange, and responsible for collaterlization of the Argyle Indigenous stablecoin (ISC).


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Argylecoin is a currency for Indigenous nations and operating in private jurisdiction from conventional economies. 

In the event of potential currency instability or capital controls, Argylecoin will remain a safe haven as an unwavering store of value.

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  • Token Name Argylecoin (AGL)
  • Total Supply 100,000,000
  • Tokens for Presale AGL 5,000,000
  • Token Price each = ₣1CHF / $1USD
  • Token Date Private Sale TBA
  • Sale Duration 30 Days
  • Token Sale Time TBA
  • Symbol AGL
  • Token Type ERC-20 (presale)
  • Hard Cap 5,000,000 AGL
  • Currencies Accepted ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, CHF, CAD, USD
  • Max Decimals 18
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di-Sceriman Bank

With a history spanning over 500 years, di-Sceriman has been synonomous with commodity trading for centuries.  From banking, precious metals, diamonds and investment grade assets, our diverse team comprises talent from a range of products working together to deliver effective trade solutions.

The ancestors of the Scerimans were from the Armenian-populated territories of the Safavid Empire, specifically from the town of Jugha (\”Old Julfa\”), and were amongst those that were deported during Abbas I\’s (r. 1588–1629) mass relocation of his empire\’s ethnic Armenian inhabitants in 1615. 

The di-Sceriman family in New Julfa played a significant role in the domestic and international commerce of Persia by taking advantage of their contacts within and outside the country.  They had branches in Venice, Livorno, Rome, Amsterdam, Cadiz, Paris, Vienna, Moscow, Constantinople, Basra, Bagdad, Madras and Pegu (present-day Bago in Myanmar).

With such a rich and respected history for merchant banking and trade, the name di-Sceriman is one of the most recognized names in the world to this day.


The Royal Bank of Turtle Island

The Royal Bank of Turtle Island (R.B.T.I.) is a reserve bank company organized and existing under no law, with its head office location at: Turtle Island and Byzantium.  The basic functions of the reserve bank are as follows: “to regulate the issue of Bank notes and keeping of reserves with a view to securing monetary stability in Byzantium and Turtle Island and generally to operate the currency and credit system of the country to its advantage; to have a modern monetary policy framework to meet the challenge of an increasingly complex economy, and maintain price stability while keeping in mind the objective of growth.”

The R.B.T.I. is a Central Bank an independent apex monetary authority which regulates Turtle Island Banks and provides important financial services like storing of foreign exchange reserves, control of inflation, monetary policy.  

The functions of The R.B.T.I. is a Central Bank, it varies from country to country and is an autonomous or quasi-autonomous body and performs vital monetary functions in The Great Turtle Island.  As a Central Bank it is a vital financial apex institution of the Turtle Island Government economy. 

The key objective of R.B.T.I. is to perform activities and functions with the goal of maintaining economic stability and growth of an economy.


  • The Argyle stablecoin (ISC) was built so that money can move instantly, removing the fees and restrictions associated with traditional banking services.

    ISC is a digital dollar. Like other cryptocurrency assets, it can move seamlessly, anywhere in the world, any time of any day. Unlike other crypto assets, ISC is stable. It is pegged 1:1 to the Swiss Franc and issued by the AGL Exchange, the funds are carefully protected, audited and regulated.

    It’s a piece of our future vision for a frictionless, worldwide economy, where all assets can move anywhere instantaneously, 24/7.

  • AGL is also a similar cryptocurrency to ISC and may be used to transfer value, however, it is not a stablecoin.  AGL is best described as a store of value and based on the growth and viability of the Argyle Network.  As the AGL Exchange manages more trade contracts between indigenous nations around the world, the value of AGL will increase as a result of this network effect.

    The Argyle Network will provide an indefinite supply of ISC in the future. Conversely, AGL will only be available during the Argylecoin token presale at a total supply of 5% from the the token treasury at a rate of 1:1 with the Swiss Franc (CHF).


  • Yes.  The ISC primary utility is a cash backed digital payment currency.  It was designed for the express purpose to help bank the unbanked and allow Indigenous Nations to exchange value with ease. 

    ISC will be utilized as the exclusive currency for Indigenous Governments, Royal Families, and their people. 

  • Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain-based ledger that supports smart contracts, and is the most widely-used digital-asset platform.  Argyle Master Token follows the ERC-20 protocol, which is a standard for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.  The ERC-20 standard will only apply to AGL during the token presale.  Once initialized on the Argyle network AGL and ISC will move to its own proprietary blockchain platform of DPOS.

    Argyle DPOS blockchain

    • Seamless wallet support and exchange integration via the AGL Exchange. 
    • DPOS blockchain will move from closed loop network in Q4 2019 to an open loop network Q2 2020.

    Maximum end-user trust

    • Users can manage all Argyle funds within the AGL Exchange environment 24/7.  Users will have the option to use AGL between AGL Exchange and 3rd party exchange platforms to hold their stablecoins.
    • Reduced liquidity risk – Independent audits from R.B.T.I. are conducted to ensure enough cash reserves the ISC currency.
  • The crypto-asset space is early in maturation, and initial use cases for Argylecoin will be distinct from future use cases.

    Today, Argylecoin can be used to limit exposure to crypto-asset volatility, to remove cross-border transaction fees and to move between crypto-assets with ease, payments for other blockchain-based and traditional commodity based assets.

    In the future, Argylecoin can be used for consumer payments, offering a stable store of value for those that face currencies with unpredictable market volatility.

  • Yes, ISC and AGL will debut its own exchange, the AGL Exchange.  There, members will be able to buy and sell Argyle assets for various other digital currencies such as cryptocurrencies, commodities and other assets.

    The ISC stablecoin will seek out various third-party exchange platforms after the beginning of Q2 in 2020.

  • It is easy to convert the ISC or AGL for any of the 200 cryptocurrencies or 50 fiat currencies inside the AGL Exchange.

    The Argyle Pay payment system for point of sale can instantly convert Argyle into any of the aforementioned currencies required by merchants anywhere worldwide.

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Hard Cap: 5,000,000 AGL

Presale launch: TBA

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